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Ch. Bydand's Grand Negus Zek
DOB:  11-17-09

Mama's boy, is how to best describe Zek.  He is
mellow and gentle, very soft and kind.  It
breaks his heart when he is scolded by either
me or the other dogs.  He loves to play with the
other dogs, but his favorite past time is to just
hang by my leg.  He enjoys our Havanese dogs
too, which is funny to watch, he is so big and
they are so little.
Ch. Bydand's Paint Your Wagon
DOB:  12-15-11

Partner is such a beautiful dog, in mind and
body.  He is gentle and oh so loving.  He has such
gorgeous movement!  Which I'm so very please to
say he passes it along to his kids.  Partner is a
real ladies man, really.  He pefers human
females, not that he doesn't like men, he just isn't
as quick to snuggle up to them.  Where-as any
female is going to be loved.  He is a good example
to young pups,