Ch. Bydand's Grand Negus Zek
DOB:  11-17-09

Mama's boy, is how to best describe Zek.  He is
mellow and gentle, very soft and kind.  It
breaks his heart when he is scolded by either
me or the other dogs.  He loves to play with the
other dogs, but his favorite past time is to just
hang by my leg.  He enjoys our Havanese dogs
too, which is funny to watch, he is so big and
they are so little.

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Ch. Bydand's Paint Your Wagon
DOB:  12-15-11

Partner is such a beautiful dog, in mind and
body.  He is gentle and oh so loving.  He has such
gorgeous movement!  Which I'm so very please to
say he passes it along to his kids.  Partner is a
real ladies man, really.  He pefers human
females, not that he doesn't like men, he just isn't
as quick to snuggle up to them.  Where-as any
female is going to be loved.  He is a good example
to young pups, learning how to be a calm, gentle

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Retired from Breeding
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Ch. Unbeliveably Bydand de L'Iliade et
DOB:  March 1, 2003
Landseer recessive

Boo was my first male, and boy what a great dog for my
first male.  Thank you so much Marie-Pierre for
entrusting him to me.  He lived a long and full life, just
shy of his 13th birthday.  Boo I miss you and will always
love you.  

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Ch. Knowing What I Want
vom Riesrand
DOB:  August 18, 2004

Noah was my first brown male.  Thank
you so much Evi for entrusting him to
me.  Noah was a great dog, maybe not the
brightest in terms of figuring out
solutions like some dog, but he was gentle
and sweet, so kind, he had a gorgeous had
(as you can see) and he produced some
outstanding kids.  

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Ch. Stargazer's Jaxs R Wild
DOB:  April 9, 2004
Brown recessive

Jax was a big, beautiful, very cool dog.  I
can't take credit for the photo, that was
taken by T. Swansen.  I had to place Jax
when we were moving, so his new mom
took this great picture.  
I had one litter with him prior to having to
part with him, it produced
Ch. Stargazer's Odin of Bydand
who can be seen on my titleist page.  

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Ch. Bydand's Call Me Idiot
DOB:  Nov 19, 2018
Brown and Landseer recessive

Boris lives with my daughter Sierra.  He is a great
dog, really loving and SMART!  Him being a
smarty pants was a challenge for her in raising
her first dog, but she has done great.  Boris has
started showing and is pointed towards his
Not only is he gorgeous, he is smart and caring.

Boris's sire and grand-sire
and great grand-sire
are all pictured below.  Partner is his dad, and Zek
is his grand-dad on his mom's side
, and Boo is
his great grandpa behind Partner

He'll be getting his hips, elbows and patella's
done soon.