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Ch. Bydand's Grand Negus Zek
DOB:  11-17-09

Mama's boy, is how to best describe
Zek.  He is mellow and gentle, very
soft and kind.  It breaks his heart
when he is scolded by either me or
the other dogs.  He loves to play
with the other dogs, but his favorite
past time is to just hang by my leg.  
He enjoys our Havanese dogs too,
which is funny to watch, he is so big
and they are so little and he has not
yet stepped on a one in his wild, legs
flying play time.
In Loving Memory

Ch. Midnight Lady's One Vision
He was such a wonderful dog who is greatly missed.

Bydand's House Of Night
Darius was a kind soul, an amazing dog.  We miss you.

Bydand's Wiki-Leak
Leak I love you, I miss you.

Ch. Knowing What I Want vom Riesrand
Noah you are missed daily, it was a joy to have such a clown in our lives for 10 + years.
Frozen semen is available to approved bitches
Ch. Stargazer's Jaxs R Wild
Jax is black/brown rec.  He was OFA'd.
Picutres and pedigree on request

Ch. Unbelievably Bydand de I'Iliade et O'dyssee
Boo is black/landseer rec.  He is OFA'd
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Ch. Knowing What I Want vom Riesrand
Noah is brown.  He is OFA'd
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"Partner" DOB:  12-15-11
always be a puppy, no matter how
old he gets.  He loves to play with
toys, dogs and himself if no one is
around.  He loves water, as most
Newfs do.