Future Litter Plans
Planned breedings

Even though a "plan" may be listed, this is nature and not
all plans or breedings become actual litters.
If you are interested in my dogs, please take the time to fill out my
questionnaire, I will look forward to getting acquainted.

For any litter listed, click on the dogs names to follow the link, when it is activated, to
the litter info.

These breedings will produce pups to go home in winter 2017/2018

Sita has been bred
Ch. Bydand's Grand Negus Zek & Ch. Bydand's Dance Of The Desert Flower
This will produce an all black litter.
Pups estimated to go home late Dec.

Gretel has been bred
Ch. Knowing What I Want vom Riesrand & Bydand's Gingerbread House
This will be an all brown litter
Pups estimated to go home late Jan.

Ch. Bydand's Grand Negus Zek & Southern Belle's New Skittles
This litter will have both blacks and browns
Pups estimated to go home mid Feb

I have plans for other black, brown and landseer puppies to go home in early summer

I do not have any plans for grey puppies at this time.
Please contact me for more information.

Reservations are highly recommended.
Once we have had an opportunity to chat and get acquainted, if you are not ready to
move forward and place a reservation, that is fine, but I will not stay in touch with you, it
will be your responsibility to remain in contact with me.
**I do not keep a "wait list" of people to call.**
I keep a reservation list, people who have secured their reservation with a down
payment.  People on my reservation list are who I stay in contact with.
Pups are placed into approved homes from our
reservation list.  If you desire to be on our reservation list, please
contact us for your personal interview.

Please fill out our
questionnaire, so I have
a little information prior to our phone interview.

Please visit the
Newfoundland Club of America's site to learn more about our wonderful
breed, find a regional club near you and many other things.  

I do require my pups be maintained on supplements.  To learn more about NuVet,
please click on their logo here.