Ch. Bydand's Grand Negus Zek
pronounced like "deck"... not Zeek
Zek was born November 17, 2009.  Zek is
pronounced with a short e sound.  His name
is pronounced Zek, like deck ... NOT Zeek.

siblings, was a very important breeding for
me.  I waited and planned for a long time
hoping to produce a dog like Zek.  He is he is
very mellow, but yet playful with the other
dogs.  He has grown in to a gorgeous boy!  He
truly has a mama's boy personality, just
wants to be with you.  Actually he has
claimed my daughter Sierra as his human.

How did Zek get his name?  
Zek is another one of our many SciFi named
dogs.  Zek's name comes from the Star Trek,
Deep Space 9 TV series.  The Grand Negus is
the head of all financial commerce on his
planet, and the character is just a very cool
character.  So long ago we decided when I
produced the brown male I was planning on
keeping, he would be named Grand Negus

OFA:  Hips good, elbows normal, heart
normal, cystinuria normal, patella's normal.
Zek, 17 months at the
NCA Nationals Specialty
in Frankenmuth, MI
Both photo's ...Ungroomed, 14 months old
12 Months old
9 months old