The information below help you learn a little bit
about my process of accepting reservations.

If my reservation list is closed at this time.  I will
post on this page and on the planned litters page
when I re-open it, then please take the time to fill
out my
questionnaire.  The information you
provide will help me to learn a little about you
prior to our chatting on the phone.

Once you have reviewed this page, then click the
link to the
Planned Litters
This will have some of my upcoming plans.

I am planning on breeding late summer
at the soonest.
I do not have any pups available at this
I close my reservation list when I do not have any pups available, when I don't have any litter
plans, or when nothing is confirmed pregnant.  When my reservation list is open, then I am
interviewing perspective puppy homes.  At that time, please feel free to email with your phone
number and the best time for me to call you, or give me a call.  I will be happy to call and get
acquainted with you, which must be done prior to you reserving a puppy.  I try to reply to all
email's!!!  If you do not get a reply, perhaps your email didn't arrive, either try again, or call,

Please respect that I am not a retail store, this is our home, please do not call prior to
9am or later than 6:00pm Central time M-F.  If I'm not available, please leave a
message so I can call you back.  On the weekend, I like to start the days a bit slower in
regards to being on the phone chatting about dogs, please don't call prior to 10am.

I personally don't like disappointing people, so my reservation list will always be small.  Please
keep in mind, this is nature, I can not guarantee a dog will get pregnant or how many of each sex
will be born, which is why I will take a very limited number of reservations at confirmation of
pregnancy.  If I have litters that haven't taken, I will close the reservation list in order to
accommodate the people who have placed a reservation prior to accepting more reservations.    

The reservation process will be as follows, once I have received your questionnaire and/or we
have had a chance to chat on the phone, if we are both ready to move forward, I will offer to
send out a purchase agreement for you to review and later use.  Only then will I accept a
reservation.  I will only contact those that I have offered a purchase agreement to.  

Please be aware, I keep a reservation list.  A reservation list is a list made up by those who have
secured their reservation with a deposit, sign and returned a purchase agreement.  For those
potential future families who aren't quite ready to move forward, that is fine, however, I will
only keep in touch with people who are on my reservation list,those I have said I will reach out
to, or those who I am currently getting acquainted with.  Once we have gotten acquainted and I
offer to send a purchase agreement to you, if you choose to wait and see, again that is fine, but it
is your responsibility to stay in touch with me.

I do accept deposits to secure a reservation from approved homes.  An approved home is
someone who has taken the time to fill out my questionnaire, get acquainted with me on the
phone and who has been invited to place a reservation.  When you place a down payment to
secure your reservation and it has arrived safely, that is when you are put on my reservation
not prior.  The down payment is NON-REFUNDABLE if what you have reserved is born.  If
what you have reserved is not available, you will have the option to switch to what is available,
request a refund or to move your reservation to the next available litter, retaining your
reservation date.        

Once pups are born, I will send photo's and email's to each family who is getting a puppy.  I will
send out newborn photo's, then photo's at 3 weeks, 5 weeks and 7 weeks.  I try to keep everyone
involved in the litter so you feel that you are a part of watching your puppy grow.  I do not allow
visitor to visit the puppies at a young age.  If you schedule a visit and it is prior to having shots,
you will have to follow my rules of visitation to the letter.  This is for the puppies health and

Puppy selections are made at 8 weeks of age.  I gather information about each families house
hold dynamics, desires, interests as well as other things, this helps me in the selection process,
striving to match each puppy with the right home.  I want my puppies to live a happy and
fulfilled life, as well as the home being happy with their pup.  

Puppies go to their new homes after their hearts have been cleared, sometime around 9 weeks of
age.  I do not have a cardiologist in North Dakota.  They are cleared by trained specialist.    

All pups placed as family companions will be placed on an AKC limited registration.  A limited
registration means you can not breed the dog, nor compete in the conformation show ring.  You
are able to compete in all working aspects, which include and are not limited to; obedience,
agility and rally.  If your children are interested in Junior Handling, they can do this with a
limited registered dog.  There are many forms of competition you can enjoy with your dog on a
limited registration.  

All open registered pups are placed ONLY to
KNOWN experienced breeders or show exhibitors.  
If you are interested in a show prospect or a breeding prospect puppy with
no experience, then
the pup will be placed on a limited registration with the breeder controlling the option of the
registration being opened in to a co-ownership contract after all health testing is completed to
breeders satisfaction at 2 years of age and/or after an evaluation to determine if the dog is a
show or breeding candidate.  While you wait for the dog to be of age for health testing, you can
go to conformation classes and enjoy earning titles with your dog in other area's of competition.  
If this is your interest, please advise me when we become acquainted.  My Co-ownership
Contract/Guarantee for a Show/Breeding potential puppy is available upon request.

No puppies will be placed Internationally in to show or breeding homes unless you are a
KNOWN show exhibitor or breeder, who has the credentials or references to support this.

Newfoundlands are not the easiest dog to breed.  Newfoundlands can have a more challenging
time conceiving a litter than other breeds of dogs.  So once you have found a breeder you wish to
work with, don't expect to get a puppy fast, more than likely you'll have to wait a while.  One way
to think of it is like waiting for a baby to be born who will join your family.  There is a benefit to
working with an active breeder.  When nature doesn't cooperate, plans are being updated and
changed so you won't have to wait too long for your pup.

In our day and age of the Internet, many people can put up a front on the web and make things
look as if they are a great breeder, but in reality it might be a false front, puppy mill or back yard
breeder.  The Newfoundland Club of America has put together 2 great web pages that are
designed to help you evaluate a web site, to see the red flags and to educate the potential puppy
family so they know the breeder's claims of health testing and accomplishments are true.  If you
are interested in viewing these pages, here is the link.

Newfoundland Club of America
Evaluating A Breeders Website

Be very wary of a breeder who claims to breed "rare" colors.  It is a breeders choice to make
color or not.  If a breeders dogs do not carry a particular gene that makes a certain color, all
they have to do is introduce that gene to their dogs through breeding and the next generation
will have the ability to make the color.  There is nothing complex or "rare" about this.
Be extremely wary of the breeder who charges more for these not so "rare" colors.  With any
breeder who charges differently for color, ask why?  Does it take more time to produce and raise
a dog of color?  No.  So why the huge difference in price?

Just a few things for you to consider.