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1.  Tell me a little about yourself and family(if appropriate) including your name

2.  Where do you live? (City and State) __________________________________

3.  How will your new baby live?_________________________________________

4.  What is your yard like?   ________________________________________

Is it fenced or open?  ___________________________________

5.  Will your pup be an inside or outside dog?____________________________________

6.  Where will it sleep at night?___________________________________________

7.  Who will be the primary care giver for your pup?________________________________

8.  Are you aware of the issues relating to health in Newfoundlands?_____________________

9.  Are you aware of the issue relating to cost for a larger dog?  Example:  vet fees, medication
fees, grooming fees....


10.  Have you owned a Newf before? _______________________________________________

11.  Have you owned any dog before? _______________________________________________

12.  Do you have other pets in your family?___________________________________________

If so, what?__________________________________________________

13.  What are you looking for?  Male _____Female _____

14.  Do you have a color preference?
Black  ____  Brown _____

15.  What are you looking for?  Pet companion ____ Show/Breedingg prospect _____

16.  Do you already have a vet?  _____ Number?  _________________

17.  Do you own your house or do you rent?  _________________________________

18.  When or what time of year are you looking to add a dog to your home?  ________________

19.  May I call you so we can chat and get acquainted?  Please include your phone

Please include your email address._____________________________________________        

20.  Have you ever raised a puppy before?  ___________________

21.  What things do you feel a 10 week old pup will be able to do?  

22.  How long do you feel is acceptable to leave the pup crated?  ____________________  Will
this change with age?  ____________________

23.  How long will the pup be left alone at home unattended as a normal routine?  

24.  If there is not a stay at home person, what are your plans for the dog while you are at work?

25.  If you have not owned a Newf previously, what research have you done on the breed to
determine this is the right dog for you?  _______________________________________

26.  Have you had an opportunity to meet an adult Newf in person?  _______________

27.  Are you willing to sign a spay or neuter contract?  ___________________________

28.  If there is a major life change - marriage, birth of child, divorce, death...etc  what will you do
with your dog?  _________________________________________________________

29.  What type of vehicle do you drive?   ___________  Will the dog be allowed to go on trips with
the family in the vehicle?  _______________

30.  Just for my knowledge, so I know what marketting is working, how did you find me or
my web site?  ____________________________________________________________

Thanks, I look forward to getting acquainted with you.