Bydand's Walking On The Beach Bearfoot
Pebbles was born in SC at Bearfoot Newfoundlands on Feb 15,
2011.  I co-owned the litter with her other mom, Pat.  Pat did a
wonderful job raising the litter.  I flew in to GA to meet with Pat
so I could select a puppy from the litter.  When looking at all the
girls, Pebbles structure was wonderfully put together and such
a sweet face and personality, she was the one for me.  Pat's
granddaughter had apparently made that decision much earlier
based on which puppy she liked to play with.  

Pebbles came home to ND and thought the cool spring was just
amazing!!  She has loved living here and I love having her.  She
is a very kind dog.  She loves to play rough with the big dogs,
but is very gentle around kids and smaller dogs.  She is a
perfect young lady.  She enjoys the pond and swimming.  She
gives me morning hugs that are just so intense you would think
she is trying to smash you.  She isn't, she just wants to be so
close after a long night.

I have some pictures here of her while she was younger, new
ones to come soon.

OFA:  Prelim hips good, elbows normal.

OFA:  Patella's, cystinuria and heart all normal.

Click Here to view Pebbles pedigree.
Puppy pictures from April 2011
Jan 2012
Both water pictures taken on 3-30-12
New Photo Soon!