Ch. Bydand's Monster's INC
7 months old
Almost 7 months
She won 1st in her regular class and sweepstakes at
the regional specialty in Springfield, IL
All 4 of these pictures,
4 months old.  Learning to be a
show dog.
All 3 pictures
7 1/2 weeks.
This was Partner's first litter.  When Moni
was born, I was smitten right away!
I kept telling myself I didn't "need" another
dog right now.  But in the end, there was no
denying her quality, beauty and personality.

We struggled with a name for her, we tried
out quite a few things before settling on
Moni (ma-knee).  She was quite the
monstrous little girl with jumping and
puppy nips, despite all the attempts at
naming her, we kept saying what a little
Monster, which then we started to call her
Moni-monster, which ultimately we
shortened to just Moni.

Moni is proving herself to be quite the show
dog, her personality, beauty and quality is
shining through.

Moni finished her championship prior to
turning a year old!!!  She finished with 4
majors!!!  An incredible achievement for any
dog, let alone a puppy!