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Bydand's Ghost Of Harrenhal
DOB:  November 3, 2012

What a gorgeous girl! Arya is big and beautiful.
She has amazing movement and has grown into
an outstanding girl. She’s a wonderful mother
with a loving and caring disposition.
Bydand's Celtic Lace
DOB:  December 30, 2012

Lacey returned home to us when she was
just about 3 years old.  She has had a
gorgeous litter and we look forward to more
with her.  She is a fun girl, she loves to carry
toys around and is rarely ever without
something in her mouth.
Ch. Bydand's Monsters Inc.
pronounced    ma-knee
DOB:  April 10, 2013

Wow what a hoot Moni is.  She loves to snuggle
and loves to be held.  She is vocal and loves to
carry her toys.  She finished her championship
by a year of age with 4 major wins.
Ch. Bydand's Dance Of The Desert
DOB:  March 10, 2014

Sita is a great girl, just like her sister.  She has
outstanding movement and structure.  She also
finished her championship with 4 majors and at a
year of age.  
Bydand's Insufficient Funds
DOB:  December 23, 2014

Love, Love, Love this girl!  She was a
wonderful gentle puppy who never did
anything wrong who grew into a wonderful
gentle Newf and an outstanding mother.
Bydand's What's My Name
DOB:  May , 2015

I didn't have any idea what I was going to name
this pup.  I tried out lots of different idea's on
her, and it wasn't until one day I asked her,
What's your name?  That's when I thought of
Bydand's Gingerbread House
DOB:  September 26, 2015

If you mark your trail with bread crumbs,
Gretel will eat them as you go and you'll
be lost, just like the kids in the story.  
Gretel is as sweet as the gingerbread
house covered in candy in the story.  
Southern Belle's New Skittles
"Skittles" or "Skits"
DOB:  June 14, 2012
Hips Good, Elbows normal, cystinruia normal, heart normal

Skittles is a beautiful dark grey.  Sweet, sweet,
sweet, gives kisses to any and all who is willing to
recieve them.  I have recently added her to our
family in hopes of introducing the dilution gene
to some of my dogs.
Black Watch's Nymeria
DOB:  May20, 2015

Nym is a sweet, special girl.  She is
very laid back and gentle.  She is
stocky and stout, not fat, just solid!  
She is equally beautiful and and
gentle.  A true Newf!