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Bydand's Shield-Maiden
DOB:  April 21, 2018

Tuve is a wonderful girl, she loves the water,
is playful and sweet, super easy going dog,
classic Newf.  
Bydand's Sea Nymph
DOB:  November 19, 2018
OFA prelim Hips good, elbows normal

OMG!  Love this girl.  She is too smart for her
britches.  Caly loves to be with me or any
human, no matter where we are.  She likes to
know what's going on.  She doesn't like to be
left out of anything.  She is definitely a bundle
of FUN!
Caly is both brown recessive and landseer
Bydand's Waterbender
DOB:  August 18, 2020
OFA prelims Hips good, elbows normal, cardiologist dopper normal, patella's
normal, cystinuria normal