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Bydand's Walking On The Beach Bearfoot
DOB 2-15-11
Pebbles is dilute recessive.

What a cutie pie.  Pat at Bearfoot
Newfoundlands and I co-owned the litter
Pebbles is from.  I flew down to GA to
make my pick from the litter.  Pebbles
was so not what I thought I would pick
when I flew down, but oh how I feel in
love with her!!!  She is such a great dog,
very loving and gentle, but ready for fun.  
Thanks Pat for doing such a wonderful
job with her.
Bydand's Ghost Of Harrenhal
DOB  11-3-12
Arya is brown and landseer recessive.

What a gorgeous girl!  Arya is big
and beautiful.  She has amazing
movement and is growing in to an
outstanding girl.
Ch. Bydand's Monsters Inc.
"Moni"  DOB  4-10-13

A jumping puppy!  I think for her,
jumping is our greatest puppy challenge
to over come.
In Loving Memory

Jenny was a wonderful Newf in every way.  She lives on through her children and grandchildren.  Jenny you are still missed.

Mud Bear's Queen Swampmaster
Belle was our first brown we owned.  She lives on through our Fiona and now her granddaughter, Kia.  

Bydand's Honey Bear
We will always love you and miss you dearly.  Sierra misses you on her bed at night.

Ch. Bydand's Applaud On Que
Q, my heart is broken.  We will miss your sweet, kind, gentle nature.

Foreign Exchange vom Barbach
Euro died very unexpectantly.  A terrible loss to our family and breeding hopes.

Black Watch's Gala Affair
Such a loss at such a young age.  Gala your expressive eyes and face will be sadly missed every day.

Bydand's Dancing Princess Tiger Lily
Lily we miss your love.
Lily used to flush all wild life from our small woods every day,
now we have lots of critters she wouldn't approve of.

Bydand's River Song
Loved you girl.  A glorious girl.
I have two lovely young girls to introduce

Black Watch's Nymeria  "Nym"  
DOB:  4-20-15
Bydand's What Is My Name  "Rumple" DOB:  5-30-15
Bydand's Celtic Lace
"Lacey"  DOB: 12-30-12
Bydand's Echo In Time
"Echo"  DOB:  1-3-14
Ch. Bydand's Dance Of The
Desert Flower
"Sita"  DOB:  3-10-14
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